Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I caught a Bar jack (Caranx ruber) off the north point of our beach yesterday. There were Cero mackeral everywhere but none of them got hooked. I caught the Bar Jack on the silver Got-cha and the day before that I got two mackeral and a big Blue runner off the Jetty at Cupids Cay in Governors Harbour.

I went out in Mini-me today with Kirk and Jake and we caught 5 Almaco Jacks (Seriola rivoliana) in front of the Cove. A school of about eight showed up to investigate a small yellowtail I was using for bait. We used live pilchards to catch them. Jake caught three of them and Kirk and I each got one.

We caught the pilchards at a secret place Barry (Captain Z) told us about. The pilchards hide in a pile of rocks that are up against a cliff. Mini-me can barely fit in between the rocks. Kirk and Jake navigate in while I stand on the bow and net them. We only get one cast before all the pilchards get spooked and dive too deep to net. We got more than enough Live Pilchards in one cast for a days fishing.

Below: Silver Got-cha

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