Friday, November 2, 2007

Black Jack

I went out fishing at sponge beach with Kirk and his dad. We launched their 11 foot whaler - Mini Me - from the beach and started trolling right away over the shallow reefs. We didn't get any bites on the reef so we went out to some deeper water around 50 feet. I had a medium sized barracuda but he got off, and then a little while later I got a big bite and my drag started screaming out. I thought it must be a big barracuda but it down too deep for a barracuda. After we got the fish closer to the boat I looked down expecting to see a big grouper and I saw two Black Jacks (Caranx lugubris)! One of them was shadowing the one I was fighting.
Black Jacks are an uncommon jack that lives from 50 - 1200 feet. This is the first one I have caught. We threw him in the fish box and started trolling about the same distance out and I caught a small 'cuda that we let go. Later Kirk got a big four pound (23") Bar Jack. My Black Jack was 25" and weighed 7 pounds. I caught the Black Jack and a small Blue yozuri and Kirk got the big Bar Jack on a white and silver jig.We only got some smaller fish after that so we decided to go diving on the reef inside. There were lots of parrotfish but that was about it.

I can't upload any pictures now because of the speed of the internet, I'll post some later.

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